Special Thanks

~Thanks to Sam Tompkins for inspiration and killer pro stock truck parts

~Thanks to Eric Shelton for the build of the 408 small block engine

~Thanks to D'Angelo Moore for the Paint and Body work

~Thanks to Frank Barnett for rear suspension

~Special Thanks to all of the supporters that we have with this project

When Genesis Medical wanted to honor the men and women of our armed forces- they commissioned Force 2 Run Motorsports to design and build a tribute that would expemplify the power of the American military veteran to adapt and to overcome.

"We wanted something that would recognize the contribution of each and every one who answered the call of their country in times of war and peace." - said the owner of Genesis Medical.

We started with a burnt out 2010 Camaro- stripping away the engine, transmission, rear suspension, front fenders, wheels, tires, wiring, interior, gas tanks, hood, windshild, everything but the burnt out body.

It looked like an old World War II fighter plane that had crashed and burned; down to even the bullet holes that came with the car; from that came the P40 Warhawk theme.

Hope you like our latest project 

The 2010 Camaro P40 Warhawk Tribute Car.

1. Obtain 5000 signatures of current and former military personnel ( from all services).

2. Compile as many stories as possible about thier service on the tribute website.

3. Create mobile story board and spark thoughtful conversations.

4. Carry thier stories around the country.

5. Oh did we mention, to go 200 miles per hour in a quarter mile; with a small block chevy in a 3500 lbs car.

6. Auction the car off with 80% of the proceeds to be donated to a military charity. (suggested charities: USO, American Legion (support for children of K.I.A veterans),Wounded Warrior Project, VFW Youth and Education Program)

*Note: 20% of the proceeds will be used toward our next project. ( Putting an American Flag in every home in America)

*Note: If you may have any other suggestions other than the ones provided please feel free to contact us.*